Build a new kind of Decentralized

In a world where time tends to be seen as a commodity, community-centered projects are more than just a change of pace, they are an attempt to radically accept one another. When success hangs on the relative strength of each individual, we sometimes tend to shift our focus in alignment with those around us. Shiba Inus is one such approach in recognizing the other side of tearing down a long-established paradigm of a formulaic success and building a path to freedom and creativity in its place.

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The world's only token project that is run by majority of its community

We are an exercise in decentralized spontaneous community building

Projects centered around the community are generally untamed. As we move further away from the usual status quo and traditional mindsets, we tend to discover various approaches to problems and ways to effectively relate to one another.

A community is usually composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of interconnected individuals. By considering those drawn to our project, we realized that true power relies not from one vantage point, it comes harmonically from tying things up.

Ryujin   -   Founder/Shiba Inus
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How it work
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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The faster transactions, lower fees and high security of P2P systems are making for incredibly appealing alternative that the younger generations are fully embracing.

Borderless Payments

Users can directly transfer crypto funds with one another. Because all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on blockchains, the geographic distance between the sender and recipient is irrelevant.

Fully Protected

The blockchain creates trust because a complete copy of the chain, which shows every transaction, is held by the entire network. If someone attempts to cheat the system, they can be easily identified.

Smart Money

Digital legal tender is expected to reduce transaction costs by providing seamless real-time payments. In addition, digital legal tender that is based on blockchain technology can provide a foundation for customizable “smart money” which can be used to manage the appropriation of money and its use.

Secure Wallet

A blockchain wallet allows transfers in cryptocurrencies and the ability to convert them back into a user's local currency.

Easy To buy & Sell

Tokens hold value and can also be exchanged but most importantly they represent physical assets. From investment to storing value, and trading, tokens are beneficial in every sector and solve the problem of holding multiple assets.

Quick Start Guide

  • Add SHIBS to your wallet (Trust Wallet)

    1. Select Network — Binance Smart Chain

    2. Fill up contract address

    3. Fill up name — SHIBS

    4. Fill up symbol — SHIBS

    5. Fill up decimals — 8

  • Copy SHIBS Wallet Address

    1. Select your token (SHIBS)

    2. Click "Receive"

    3. Click "Copy" to copy your SHIBS wallet address

    4. You can now use this address in your SHIBS payout

  • Screenshot your USDT payment

    1. Click your latest payment (transfer) transaction

    2. Take a screenshot of the details

    3. Send the screenshot to provided social media (e.g., messenger)

  • Contract Address Smart Chain Wallet
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